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  An Antidote to Lifestyle Diseases  
  The Sudarshan Kriya helps control physical and mental stress and reduces the practitioner's risk to health problems such as hypertension, migraine, back pain, arthritis, etc."  
  Transforming Emotions  
  The practices helped me become more clear, calm, energized and, quite simply, happier. I manage stressful situations more skillfully. Seeing so many patients in my office, I am  
  Quality of Life  
  As a gastroenterologist with 10 years of experience with Art of Living techniques and courses, I have found them extremely helpful both personally and for my patients. Patients with  
  Helps in Life and Death Decisions  
  When I took the Art of Living 10 years ago, mental turmoil was affecting my physical  
  A Lifetime Commitment to Health  
  For me, the techniques taught by the Art of Living are invaluable and I have used them  
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Art of Living in Nagpur
India » Maharashtra » Nagpur
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Art of Living in Nagpur


Drawing Competition
A two-month Chitrakala Spardha (drawing competition) was held from March 25 – May 7, 2006. The idea was to celebrate Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji’s birthday by encouraging young talent. Over 3000 students participated in this competition, which was organized by 30 Art of Living volunteers. The competition culminated on May 13, Gurudev’s birthday with an exhibition of all the paintings.      

Art of Living at Yavatmal Hospital
Naina Sonekar, an 11-year-old from Telang takli, Yavatmal found that her back and chest pains were greatly reduced after attending the Art of Living workshop in November 2006. Wrecked with unbearable pain, this was a relief from her past. The course, held at the Seekal Cell, benefited the patients who complained mainly of chronic fatigue, joint pain with less oxygen in the body. Seeing the improved health of the patients, Dr. Jain, the head of the children’s ward, Government Medical College, recommended it to other patients.    
Teaching Maths at an Orphanage
Several students at the Shraddhanand Anathalaya, Nagpur, were unable to pass their tenth standard examinations due to their poor performance in mathematics. Sunita Adbe, from the Art of Living, tutored ten girls for two years and helped them overcome their handicap of mathematics till they became adept in the subject. In 2005, all the ten students cleared the math exam. The dedication of the teacher drew immense appreciation from Dr. Anand, head of the children ward at the orphanage.

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